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Saskia the founder and designer at O + E has always had a love for natural textiles and the Earth. Combining her passions, she creates from her heart, timeless designs, inspired from nature and the Earth. Using only natural fibers, that get better with time.
Saskia her husband and their wildlings Tajah Indie and Talulla Ocean live between Bali and Byron Bay's hinterlands, living a minimalistic lifestyle in tune with the Earth.
 “I personally believe there are not enough sustainable labels~ it's incredible to feel the shift as we step into this Aquarian Age. I’ve literally been graced with nothing but love from other business owners (mainly women), all doing their part and creating their own style. It’s a true honor to create for the earth in this day and age~ bringing up wildlings gives you more of an insight into how precious this earth is. Lets all do our part by thrifting or shopping slow, sustainable fashion.”


Saskia and Family | Ochre + Earth

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