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This incredible wonder fiber is naturally strong, durable and resistant to UV light and mold. Hemp was first spun in to a usable fire over 10,000 years ago, and has had a hard time over the years with politics. It’s now making a come back as it still one of the most quality choices for its low environmental impact. The plant itself is highly resilient, requiring little to no herbicide or pesticide to grow and little water, it’s also 100% natural which makes it compostable. As it grows it regenerates and improves soil health~ Per acre, hemp produces more fibre than cotton, linen, bamboo & even trees. The soil is renewed with each growth cycle, creating a fertile & balanced ecosystem, empowering community & connection. 

It is truly the master plant and is incredibly versatile, strong & regenerative. 

When you wear hemp, you are allowing your body the planet and our next generation to breathe better. So, thank you for choosing ethical, slow fashion, and natural fibers.



Linen is produced from the fibres of the flax plant which is grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops, uses less water then cotton production and is naturally toxin free, requiring no pesticides and little to no fertilizer. It is a gift that keeps on giving, being a long lasting and beautiful fabric that is very kind to the Earth.

This fibre is highly absorbent and breathable which makes it ideal for warm weather and cold. The fibre has the ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s truly magic. Another great part about linen is that it is so durable that it only ever gets softer over time and will last a lifetime~ our garments are make to be lived well in and passed down generations.


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