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  •  Ochre + Earth is designed in Byron Bay, Australia,  and produced in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
  • We have the privilege of employing our family and extended family to make your clothes in a local Village.
  • All our fabrics are 100% linen or a blend of 45% hemp and 55% linen. This means no nasty chemicals or synthetics. We keep our dying to a minimum-  we hand dye small batches. Some botanically dyed while other batches use non-toxic dye to help the longevity of the clothes so that fading is kept to a minimum.
  • Our off-cuts and left over fabrics are donated to the workers to make traditional clothes for themselves and the local village as our initiative to reduce waste and up-cycle.
  • We sea-freight the bulk of our shipment which has a lower carbon footprint than air-freight. We believe in doing our best in areas to reduce the impact we have.
  • O + E is dedicated to small scale production this helps eliminate the environmental impact and keeps you knowing exactly where your clothes come from.

We also always make sure that none of our workers are overworked to meet deadlines. Ceremony is a big part of the Balinese culture and some holidays are longer than others but we always allow ceremony to be priority for our beautiful tailors. I feel you can feel this in the vibrations of the clothes - all made with LOVE and SMILES.  

We regularly visit the manufacturing team and know they are treated fairly. They are paid over minimum wages and that all working conditions are safe and fair. We even made sure they had an air conditioner in the workplace. We all regularly sit down for family meals together - they love our babies!

 I do hope you can feel this #fairtrade and #love that is put into each garment that you purchase.




Saskia and family xx

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